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Power Twister

We are proud to present the hardest  Power Twisters in the world!

The Beast Power Twister bar made from high quality carbon steel spring and 40mm beech / delrin / aluminum super strong handles. Spring has special coating for high protection against rust. The Python Grip Power Twister comes with 5 levels of spring that provides a resistance :

8.5 mm ,9 mm ,10mm, 11mm and 12mm wire diameter.

 This line of Beast Power Twister is very cool and interesting piece of equipment.During the exercise with this huge Power Twister version your body needs to mobilize a lot of many motor units in. 

Thanks to our friends worldwide for an opportunity to watch their video !

This is a new Python Grip power twister with engraved handles on the top of the one handle. I managed to do one bend with 11 mm twister, handles are shorter about 22.5 cm ( standard handles 25 cm ), resistance on the body scale ~60 kg, this is a hardest 11 mm twister ever!

World class bending 11 mm " no slack " for 6 reps, new Python Grip power twister with 11mm wire and smaller coiling diameter makes bending much harder!. Bek A. from Israel

Alex, Keith and Kevin from NY , USA  bastedo exercisemultiple intensive workouts etc.each week new competition.

Igor Polyansky from Russia absolutely unbelievable bending 12mm twister, spring resistance is 110 kg! 

his achievements : 9 mm 120 reps in a row ! 10 mm =40 reps ! 11 mm = 10 reps ! 12 mm with 23 mm handles (short lever ) =twice !!!

Keep up Igor !

Björn from Sweden very hard version of 10 mm  " no slack " PT
Björn from Sweden

Very nice workouts by  Jan from Norway  

Master class by bending specialist  Dimitriy Hunkin from Ukraine
 Yuri and Dima Gechelin from Israel

Power Twister Exercises