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PT Baby Beast made out from 8 mm spring wire 

 PT Beast 8.5 mm      PT Beast 8.5 mm   






PT 9 mm our new friend from UK 

I failed ....trick is don't give up !

Michael L.G. with his New Statement .

" I don't think there is anyone in UK better at power twister than me..."


Way to go ! Nice bending !

news from Texas Tiger , old friend of mine ...




power twister wire 11 mm


old school style CHEST EXPANDER





logo engraved solid black handles





   Wrist exerciser  Power Roller  dual-use

Power Roller

watch review here...



AW Handle  cylinder version

watch review here...







 Kostyan A.  a big  friend of Python Grip from Russia






First time  close 10 mm PT ! Bob van G. from Holland




Phenomenal bending from Jan E.N. my old friend from Norway !







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Hi Yuri


The quality is as good as I expected.

I wish your business to prosper.


Kim, S.Korea


Yuri -
I received your power twisters and they are incredible pieces of equipment. Truly the very best in the industry.
Thanks and keep up the great work!
Best Regards
James, USA


many thanks Yuri, you are a star, thanks so much,

kind regards,

Paul ,UK


Hi Yuri,
I really like those springs and I want to say thanks for making them and for having dealt with You, it was a pleasure. If I bend the 11mm spring I might load up a video on youtube and send a link to You! Perhaps some day I'll be strong enough to order a 12mm power twister - who knows?! :-)
Best regards and thanks again,
Burkhard ,Germany


Hello Yuri,

Thank you for sending the Titanium gripper package. 
The workmanship was perfect.
I was not able to reply as I had to go out of town where the Internet access was poor.
As far as the black coated handles, I'll have the same letter and font size as the prior grippers.
If there are changes in your company's logo, it's all right to have the new logo on the grippers to represent your company.
I look forward to seeing the photos of the upcoming ordered grippers.
When do you think they will be ready for shipping?
Thank you very much, Yuri, and have a good day.
Ryan ,California US


I picked up the first two power twister at the custom office today - they arrived safely! Those twisters are really high end products, look awesome and will be a great addition to my training!

Best Regards

Burkhard, Germany



Hi Yuri,

Thought i would try to only do the 10mm today. Pumped 10 reps.
Example# pump and press like crazy and slowly release...1 rep and repeat.
This is the ultimate tool in combining all muscle groups for raw power.
Also combining with 250lb strength grippers.
Sadly no one to record it.....but in time.

Great to hear from you

Michael L.G., UK



I received my chest crusher yesterday, I'm very happy with it its very well made and it looks awesome, this might be stupid question but, was it design to remove the springs  for less tension? If so what is the right way to do so? 
I'll be doing a review on your website later today. 
thank you 

Juan Z. GA ,USA


Dear Yuri,

Hope you are well.

I have finally got my hands on the beast, it is a lovely piece of equipment.
I have to say the beast is tough, I could only close it once, but will be working on it.

Many thanks,

Ali , England




Hi Yuri,

I received the package today. The Power Spin Wrist Exerciser is awesome!!!! I am going to take it to the gym tomorrow to work out with it for the first time. I'll e-mail you tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I attached a jpg of the loading pin I will be using. It's a strap so it is much lighter to carry in a gym bag unlike the usual steel loading pin.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Michael ,Bayside NY


I received the 11 and 12 yesterday. They are massive. Thank you for the quality of product and excellent service. I can't wait to get started on them. If you have any ideas about the spring chest expanders let me know

Thomas L.

Corsicana ,Texas


Hi Yuri, got the power twister last week, but havent got to test them before today, I am wery pleased with them and the look is very Nice,
Have made a short video of testing the 12mm crazy resistance!!!! No chance at all to close it.

Have a good night
Thanks Jan E. Norway

The Beast (10mm)
 came in today in perfect shape! With a weight hanging for help with the start, I managed two closes! This is the perfect strength to work up to!
Many thanks,
Bob van G ,Marselo Netherlands



Hi Yuri,

I get my PT 9mm today. I am very satisfied and happy about it. It´s a very very good sport item with high quality. I will be one week

out at sea and will take the PT 9 mm with me to train in my free time. I can´t resist and trained already with it.

I will contact you next week because I am interested to get the PT 10 mm.

Thanks a lot and best regards.

    Stefan F .Ahrensburg Germany



Hello Yuri,

Just a few lines to let you know that I received the “ Beast Power Twister “ the other day. All I can say is “ INCREDIBLE” . What’s the secret? How is it done? If this is the 8.5mm spring, I can’t imagine the 10mm or 11 or 12mm devices. I will tell you that this spring will be the challenge of my work out life. If I can just work  my way up to 25 to 30 reps for each work out day, I will be ok. I love it because of the extreme challenge.  Just to let you know.  


Kind regards,

Mike Jones ( order # 100000233)

Hi Yuri,
I received the flat handle today and it's awesome! I still can't believe how smooth this thing is! My only concern is the collars on both ends rattle ( like maybe they were machined a little too big), no matter how much I tighten the screw.

Sent from my iPad



Hi Yuri

I got the Twister, very nice Stuff!  

Thanks & Greetings from Switzerland  



Thank you so much.  I'm looking forward to receiving the new handle.  Your company produces amazing products for the die hard strength trainer and arm wrestler.
Have a great day,
  Hello Yuri!
I picked it up from the post office 30min ago... I love it! :-)
I could knock out 6 reps first try but the last 2 were really hard. I thing i chose the right spring size.
I feel it is a very high quality product. The downside is i had to pay additional 40€ customs fees.
Two questions:
The spring is covered with grease, can i wipe it off or should i leave it on the spring?
How big is the gap between 8.5 and 9 in reps? Lets say i can do 10 reps with 8.5, how much can i do with the 9 then?
Regards, Rene




Yuri, I am very satisfied with your product!!! It appears to be very well made, and I've yet to find someone that can bend it. I am working up to it using 50 & 60 kg benders bought from other sellers on Ebay. One critique, If I may, the straps might be made of a type of cloth that is broader than parachute cord, for it cuts into the skin. Also the strap should be a little longer to accommodate underhand bends. You said that the unit can be disassembled, correct? If so, then can I make these minor adjustments myself? Again, many thanks for creating a product that raises the standard by quantum leaps!!! 

John ( E-bay )



Ура!!!!!!Я его получил!!!!
Штука замечательная!!!!
Я сегодня уставший был поэтому пробовать особо не стал,но по ощущениям ничего невозможно не почувствовал-главное преодолеть стартовое положение.А вот со стартом думаю пока придется повозиться.Видимо первое время надо будет работать как на видео-что то подвешивая на середину.Только как это сделать если работаешь хватом сверху?

Максим ( жим лёжа 260 кг ), Москва , Россия




Hi Yuri,
The Power Twister arrived today in perfect shape! A quick test learned that I can kink it, but not close it (yet), so it's a great addition to my grip/bend stuff.
Looks like a perfectly crafted tool. Very happy! 

Bob van Genugten ,Netherlands

Hello Yuri,
I recieved my 9mm bar today and I just wanted to tell you how please I am with it. I am so glad that I discovered you guys. I had a cheap power twister bar years ago that I used along with weight lifting and it helped with my muscle toning. This beast that you sent me is something else. I just love it and already I am addicted. In the future, I am sure I will be getting the 10mm. Thanks.
Abdallah Hassan ,USA

Hi Yuri
I recently purchased the black arm wrestling handle with a couple of different handles.  I really like using them. I was wondering if you ever thought of making the eccentric handle more oval or flat on  the sides. If you make one,  please contact me. I would like to purchase it to try it out. Again thanks for a great product.
Robert Kanamoto , USA

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